Shaolin Monk resists KO and punishment in a ring

The Shaolin Monk

Shaolin Monk resists KO

Here comes the Shaolin monk fighter! We all martial artists know who Shaolin Monks are, how hard they train, how dedicated to their discipline they are. Here is Yi Long, a Shaolin Monk who is getting well known by confronting top Muay Thai fighters in the ring. In this video you can see Yi Long standing and resisting a KO, he took the beating and could not be taken down, even though the Muay Thai fighter gave him everything he had Yi Long resisted everything standing up with his hand down, but then he got all his energy back just like playing a computer game and continued on the fight like nothing.

Now here you can see the same Shaolin Monk but this time he KOs a world Taekwondo Champion, one thing to mention is that you can become a world champion one year at one division, then its up to you to keep that title. We all also know that Taekwondo has a great kick but at close range is not effective (we have trained Taekwondo too). Watch the video and judge it.

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