How to Shadowbox for Beginners

How to Shadowbox for Beginners

Shadowbox for Beginners

This second shadow boxing drill, of course, is traditional shadow boxing. It’s done usually in two to three-minute rounds with one-minute rest intervals. If you’re a fighter, it’s very possible you’re doing five to ten rounds of shadow boxing to prepare for a fight. It’s a great way to expend calories, work all your sports specific movement.


  • Don’t just do Shadow Boxing, work in the ring, with your full gear, 2-minute rounds and imagine you are with your opponent. Concentrate on technique versus speed/power.
  • Think about strategies you can use and apply them.
  • Don’t stop, don’t rest until you hear the bell.

Shadow boxing makes boxing perfection. It’s the foundation of boxing. Shadow boxing is no different than dancing. And Delen’s going to show you how it’s done.

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