Sensei Peter Soto


Sports in some countries have seasons, martial arts do not. There are many sports that we could name and martial arts too; as we discover a sport this takes us to another, indirectly. The same goes for martial arts, the practice of one presents you to another. In this way we develop our interests and we stay with those activities that fill us more.

It has been a long journey, it started in South America where I took traditional Karate lessons, then Kenpo Karate. In College I got into Taekwondo. After College I ended up living on an island for a couple of years, it was Robinson Crusoe Island where I got into diving, snorkeling, exploring…Then another adventure brought me to San Diego, California where now I reside.

This project started with Kenpista, a website I created just about Kenpo Karate. One of day after getting a latte at my local Starbucks, I realized Kenpista was not enough, that’s when was born. Months later someone left a comment on one of my posts “Peter, yo no hablo Inglés.”; this was what made me create

It has been a nice ride so far, I have met great people, but this is just the beginning, there is more to come. More training and more of this passion for Sports and Martial Arts.


Sensei Peter

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