Black Belt hurts his own student in front of everyone

Black Belt hurts his own student in front of everyone

Hurting or training one of your own?

What do you do when you see a Black belt with many years of training hurting an Orange Belt in front of everyone? If that orange belt was your son what would you do?

Well, this really happened, here is the video. Personally, this reminds me of the time I was an orange belt and the person I had to spar was too good to be true, then I saw him wearing a brown belt competing in forms. Have you ever see unusual things like that? Well, here is caught on tape. By the way, my son is an orange belt but I would never let a Black belt do that to him. We should teach not hurt, we train hard to be skilled but not to use it against one of our own. I hope this does not happen again, but if you see something like this, then speak up and don’t let it happen.

A Black Belt Mission

A Black Belt should never hurt his students, but he should teach them how to be better. There is a difference in rank, experience, age, and weight. Remember that a Black belt:

  • Should be an example to follow.
  • Should teach you how to become better in all aspects.
  • Should guide you in your learning.
  • Should help you get better but never hurt you.
  • Should never use excessive force while sparring with a younger student.
  • No matter what style, Karate, Taekwondo… a teacher should lead by example.

I am a Sensei and I have trained with many color belts, but I never hurt them at all. I always kept them busy correcting their moves, having them keep their posture, hands up, correcting their kicks and punches. Making sure their foot maneuvers were correct, giving them confidence on every move.

Here is what it takes to be a black belt, not make it, many give up along the way, some get their belt and never come back.

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