How to do Scraping Hoof Self Defense Technique

How to do Scraping Hoof Self Defense Technique

Scraping Hoof

Scraping Hoof is a self-defense against a Full Nelson with your hands-free. There are several options available to defend yourself against a Full Nelson but you will need to have more time training and exploring all those options; also see if they work for you. Let’s go through the simple steps for this orange belt Kenpo karate self-defense technique:

  • Drop your height as you’re grabbed and use the back of your head to hit his nose, all in one motion.
  • Adjust your stance but keeping your hands down, small right step back to hit his left leg with the back of your foot and then a front kick to the inner part of his right leg.
  • Repeat the same with your left leg to the same targets but on the other side and cover out.


  • Make sure you drop on a horse stance otherwise you will not have the proper angle for any of the kicks on this self-defense technique.
  • Keep your hands up because as you kick, the attacker can still grab you.

Recommended Self Defense Techniques

On scraping hoof we have a Full Nelson with your hands-free, in the blue belt rank we have Repeated Devastation where you have a different scenario because you are in a Full Nelson too

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