How to Do Scissor Lifts Abs Workout

How to Do Scissor Lifts Abs Workout

Scissor Lifts Abs

I’m going to demonstrate how to do scissor lifts now which are similar to
leg drops. But I’m going to demonstrate on my back. You want to make sure
your abs are engaged, your back is flat against the floor and your rib
cage is down. Hands are going to be down by your side. Your legs are going
to be bent at 90 degrees.

So if you want to keep them bent you’re more
than welcome to. What you’re going to do is you’re going to alternate
bringing your right and your left, up and down.

Up and down. Now if you
want to make this harder you have a couple of options. You can straighten your
legs and then scissor from here which is a lot more difficult. But you want
to make sure you’re not getting so much hip flexor that it’s interfering with
your abs. So if you’re feeling this here rather than here then just bring
your legs up a little higher and scissor from there.

If you’re still not
feeling like this is challenging enough go ahead and drop your legs and
scissor from here. But again if it’s going into your hip flexors then just
make sure your legs are a little higher. You want to make sure your back is
completely flat the whole time and your breathing is in sync with the
scissoring. And that’s how you do scissor lifts.

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