Sage Northcutt’s UFC Back and Biceps Workout

Sage Northcutt Biceps Workout

Sage Northcutt

He’s is currently the youngest fighter in the UFC. You might have seen him in the octagon fighting already, many wonder how can he have that shredded body, well here is one sick workout routine Sage put together just for biceps.

Sumo Deadlift
Position your feet at a 45-degree angle to each other, and wide enough that they’re almost to the end of the bar. Sage does these lifts sumo style because the grip position resembles the gable grip favored in the octagon.

T-bar Row
Sage likes this exercise because it develops pulling strength, and a lot of pushing and pulling goes on inside the octagon. Go through a full range of motion, so that when you put the weight on the ground, you engage the tiny muscle fibers inside your lats.

Chin-up with V-Bar Grip
As with the T-bar rows, the V-grip develops pulling strength by targeting the lats.

Chin-up with Hand Towel
This exercise should work your lats and biceps. If you connect your mind with your muscles, you’ll notice you’re working your pinkie grip to hold the towel. You’ll also be working the small muscles in your forearms.

Barbell Shrug
Done in the front and back, these work your traps and upper back.

Straight-Bar Curl
Sage likes to go heavier with each set.

Underhand Pulldown
Keep your hands about shoulder-width apart. Maintain good posture: Don’t lean back or slouch forward. Get a nice stretch on each rep.

Reverse Curl
By ending the workout with this exercise, you’ll have worked your biceps starting up at the top and moving down all the way to the bottom.

Do this workout twice a week, in any order you want. Sage likes to mix it up, going from back to biceps and back again.

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