How to Do the S-Dobrado in Capoeira


We’re going to demonstrate how to do a S-dobrado which is another acrobatic in capoeira. And usually, you know, anyone trying a S-dobrado will need some practice, okay? Don’t expect to get a S-dobrado on your first shot. You know, you will have to try many, many times. Never give up, keep trying. Priscilla will demonstrate how to do S-dobrado. There are many, you know, like just the movements, all the acrobatic movements and kicks, there are always like different ways of getting into the kicks. So, now, professor will demonstrate how to do a S-dobrado from a negachiva position. So, he places himself in a negachiva position.

Okay, very important, even if you’re doing acrobatics, too, look at your partner. From there, he will do the S-dobrado. It requires good placement for your hands and you have to push off with your feet, and use your hips, and also, you know, a lot of shoulder strength. So, from negachiva position, go straight into a S-dobrado, and then he travels across, went back, you know, he places himself into negachiva, tries to use momentum and go into S-dobrado. Okay? Also, when you do an S-dobrado, you know, if you use the momentum from the ginga, it should help you a lot. Okay? So, once again, he goes, kick, and swing. As you notice, his legs go all the way around and pretty much comes over his head and then lands back parallel or back into a jinga position. And that’s a S-dobrado.

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