The Russian Bar Dip

Russian Bar Dip Exercise Guide

Russian Bar Dip

This exercise will target your arms putting a lot of pressure on your triceps as you hold and push yourself up. Your chest muscles also have a major part as they work together with the triceps.

Step by step

  • Hop onto the parallel bars with your arms extended to support yourself, hands facing in. Keep your body vertical.
  • Lower yourself under control till there’s about a 90-degree bend in your shoulders, your forearms still perpendicular to the bars.
  • Immediately shift your torso backward by repositioning your forearms so they’re now fully atop the parallel bars, body still straight.
  • Shift back the other way by moving your forearms to a perpendicular position once again.
  • Contract your pecs and triceps to press back up to full arm extension, repeating for reps.


  • Since you are using your body weight in this exercise, do not set too many repetitions to avoid injuries.
  • This exercise is not recommended if you have elbow or shoulder injuries.

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