Running Step

Running Step

I’m going to be showing you guys running step technique in Taekwondo. OK, first I’m going to demonstrate a running step. So I’m going to be in a fighting stance, one. A running step looks like, almost like I’m doing a two-step forward technique but I’m going to bring my front leg an inch back. So one, then bring your back leg forward, two, three. So one more time, a little slower. One. A little faster. One. Like that. Again, it seems like I did a lot of steps but I only went an inch forward. OK?

So how do I train? In front of the target, one way we can use is the rear leg. So I do my running step. Running step’s also like a feint. I go one, bang. Throw that kick. It looks like I’m running. Like that. Two, we can use your front leg, but this time we don’t take two steps, just take one step forward. So again, one, one step. And right away. This way. So one more time. This way. So let me show the rear leg one more time. Running step. And a front leg. And that’s how we use running step technique in Taekwondo.

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