How to Do the Running Step Technique Taekwondo Training

Running Step Technique

Running Step Technique

OK, I’m with my partner and he’s holding a target. Now my weapon of choice is going to be a roundhouse kick. It’s important to make sure you feint your opponent and read your opponent first before you go in. The reason why is because if you make a wrong decision and I just went in, maybe he can throw a counter-attack on me. So it is important to read your opponent. If your opponent hesitates or is indecisive then you can attack.

So I’m going to be in a fighting stance. I’m going to kind of stomp my front foot this way. So now you can do a light stomp and throw a kick. Now it’s important, while you are feinting, to read your opponent. Don’t just feint and throw a kick. You have to feint and read. Maybe your opponent might be doing a back kick. Maybe your opponent might do a slide-back roundhouse kick. Maybe your opponent might be throwing an axe kick. So you have to make sure you have a good judgement before you go inside. So one more time.

Now there is a hard feint and a light feint. Again, use them both. So in the beginning, maybe I might feint just a little light. If I can’t read my opponent very well, I’m going to try to bait him by feinting a little harder and throw that kick. Or maybe I can do a little of both. I can do light and do a little hard.

Now another thing we can do is add footwork to our checks. One thing I like to do is I’ll attack with my left leg. So from here, I am going to do a step forward check. So I’m going to be balanced and I’m going to check like that. Now I have the choice of, “Ha,” and bringing it back out. That’s the good thing about feinting, too. So again, I step forward, my opponent hesitates, and throw a kick like that. And those are some basic feinting drills.

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