How to do the Rowing Exercise

How to do the Rowing Exercise

The Rowing Exercise

This workout is mostly for the lower body, it will make your quads in the upper front of your thighs feel the burn, but it will also make you help your glutes get stronger as you push. But this you basically work your entire body with every stroke.

Rowing is a cardiovascular workout that provides you with a calorie burning activity where you keep your entire body moving, but it will not help you burn off your belly fat because that has to be done with a diet and constant workout.

Rowing is the only cardio that uses 80% of your muscles, including your heart, legs, core, and arms.

According to Harvard Health Publications, the heavier you are the more calories you burn, so if you like this exercise and can do it for at least 15 minutes of nonstop rowing you can lose a fair amount of calories.


  • Since your entire body works together is not recommended to do it for more than 20 minutes without a break.
  • Keep your back straight as you move and breath out as you kick.

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