How to Do a Roundhouse Kick Defense

How to Do a Roundhouse Kick Defense

Roundhouse Kick Defense

The roundhouse kick is one of the most common kicks in Martial Arts, very effective and if used wisely can be devastating. You will find it under different names but the principles of the technique are the same.

It is very important to know how to kick a roundhouse to learn how to properly block it or counter this technique.

To block it you can:

  • Anticipate the technique and get closer to your opponent, this will the kicking technique because he will not be able to complete it.
  • Move around in him/her in opposite directions, remember a target that moves is harder to hit.
  • If there is nothing you can do and are in range for the kick, then create a straight line from the top of my glove all the way down to the bottom of my foot. Pretty much my toes, going straight down, creating a straight line, so wherever this kick is at, I’m blocking and I’m protecting myself from it.


  • If you are sparring move around, this will make it harder for a roundhouse to hit you.
  • If you get close and block to the knee then the kick will not be executed because the leg will not extend.

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