How to Rope Climb with Feet

Rope Climb with Feet

Using your legs is a technique that if you’re unable to climb a rope just using your upper body, this is the right way to be able to build up the strength so that you can do it eventually and use only your upper body and not your legs. What you want to do is you want to approach the rope, take your dominant leg, and pick your knee up nice and high in the sky, right?

In my case it’s my right leg. You’re going to wrap it on the inside of your leg and the inside of your thigh and let it fall, wrap around your ankle, and fall over the top of your foot. You’re going to take that free foot and you’re going to jump and place that free foot directly on top of your free foot to lock that rope down nice and tight in there, OK? You’re want to reach up with your hands, your arms bent again, jump up, cross your feet over and lock that rope down. See, one I got that rope locked down I can hang here all day. It’s all the legs.

You want to reach up, grab the rope with your hands keeping your arms bent, raise your knees up, slide the rope between your legs, lock it back down, and then stand up using only your legs. Move your hands up, raise your knees up again, slide the rope through your legs, lock it down, stand up, touch the top a warrior, and then bring one hand over the other and just lessen up the tension between your feet, and lower yourself to the ground.

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