Romanian Dead Lift

Romanian Dead Lift

The Romanian dead lift is one of the best things to do to work your hamstrings because it works a bunch of different muscle groups. But, the hamstrings-glute tie-in is extremely important if you’re looking to get that pop in your tush. So, you’re going to start with your body bar, dumbbell, or barbell, whatever you’re going to use.

Romanian Dead Lift Step by Step

  1. Your hands should be about shoulder-width apart, make sure the shoulders are rolled back, nice and tight, feet together, legs straight.
  2. You bend over, and come up. Bending over, and coming up. Now, you’re only going to go over as far as you can stretch.
  3. Make sure the legs stay straight, the arms stay straight, and you kind of want to let the barbell hang, so that the weight is pulling you down. And down, and back up, making sure the shoulders are rolled back the entire time, the back is nice and straight.


  • Do not use too much weight, it might injure your back instead of helping you.
  • Do not do more than 10 repetitions per set.
  • Make sure you have a good grip when doing this exercise.

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