How to Do a Rolling Arm Bar from Guard

How to Do a Rolling Arm Bar from Guard

Rolling Arm Bar

All right guys, we’re going to do a Yatskevich arm bar. This is an arm bar that Yatskevich, a judo player, invented. He does it from the turtle position, which we’ll show in another video. But this one is done from the guard, all right? I really like this move and Chad is very good at it, so Chad is going to be kind enough to show it to us today.

Okay, so start in a post guard position. Now as I was mentioning before, a good way to start this move is getting a single under control. This can be done – as I was mentioning before – through a wrap guard. So, if we’re fighting, I get in under and pinch right tight here. Now, using my feet, either bracing my opponent or on the floor, I would hit this escape away from my opponent, so I get the angle. And I want to go into a sandwich position as I bring it up to my neck, my leg comes up on my opponent’s leg in this control.

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