Rika Usami Female Karate Kata WKF

Rika Usami from Japan

Rika Usami

Born in Tokyo, Japan. She won the World Championship Karate tournament in 2012 performing the kata Chtanyara Kushanku in Bercy, France. She also competed in the Asian Games in 2010 in Chanton, China and won the gold.

This is an epic video, this is Rika Usami at World Karate Championship. Her technique and discipline are fantastic, you see confidence and concentration in every technique.

Rika Usami of Japan vs Manal K. Hadj of Algeria. Individual Female Kata Bronze Medal. WKF World Karate Championships Belgrade 2010.

Traditional Karate‘s competition has two main categories, one Kata and the other one is Kumite. Kumite has two main divisions one is a point sparring Kumite and the other one is the full contact Kumite seen in the Kyokushin Karate style where the competitors can execute strong techniques which can knock unconscious┬átheir opponents.

Karate Techniques

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