How to Ride a Motorcycle for First Time


Riding a motor cycle for the first time is pretty straight forward. I think the key is to become comfortable with the motorcycle before you put yourself into a situation that could be potentially dangerous. So part of that is that if you are able a great way to start riding a motor cycle is on dirt. The consequences are pretty low when if you got the dirt bike chances are it’s already been dropped and you can just easily get up and brush yourself up and try again. The other way is whether you start on dirt or the street you should pick a motorcycle that you can easily flat foot that isn’t too heavy for you and one you are comfortable with.

Then you should you should familiarize yourself with the controls of the motorcycle you are about to ride and you know you make sure someone is there who knows and can show you all the controls and how to operate them once you are comfortable with the controls I would advise pushing the motorcycle around a little bit making sure you can get it off kick stand and that you are comfortable with the weight moving around. Push it around in a circle push it forward push it backwards a little bit get a feel for how it is and then get on the bike push it around a little bit with your feet under and get a feel for how it is to push around. Once you are comfortable with that you can have somebody there instruct you to go ahead and start the bike pull the clutch in and put in gear let the brake and then you go ahead and engage the clutch just to the point where it starts to pull the motor cycle a little bit and then disengage it. Do that at least 20 times engaging and disengaging for the bike to go forward a little bit. Once you are at this point you move forward about 5 or 10 feet come to a stop. Repeat this baby steps that get you each step of the way.

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