Rick Jeffcoat Long Form 4

Rick Jeffcoat Long Form 4

Long Form 4

Associate Master Rick Jeffcoat, 8th Degree Black performs Long form 4 which is part of the Brown belt rank requirements in American Kenpo Karate.

On this form you will find complex self defense techniques and their executions on both sides. If you look at the Universal Pattern we can say you will be doing the + and the x and many circular moves. This form is really beautiful and is often chosen at tournaments. This is one of the longest forms and most of the techniques are done outside of the attacker’s arm and even behind.You will also find isolations in this form.

Techniques you will find in this form:

  • Isolation
  • Protecting Fans
  • Darting Leaves
  • Unfurling Crane
  • Destructive Kneel
  • Flashing Wings
  • Gathering Clouds
  • Circles of Protection
  • Dance of Darkness
  • Thundering Hammers
  • Unwinding Pendulum
  • Reversing Circles
  • Snaking Talon
  • Circling Fans
  • Circling Windmills
  • Defensive Cross
  • Bowing to Buddha
  • Prance of the tiger
  • Shield and Mace
  • Five Swords
  • Twirling Hammers


  • Watch your angles and how you pivot on your stances.
  • Keep all your stances at the same length and height.

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