Revolved Side Angle Pose – Parivrtta Parsvakonasana

Revolved Side Angle Pose - Parivrtta Parsvakonasana

Parivrtta Parsvakonasana

This pose is also known as the Revolved Side Angle Pose. It is not an advanced pose but requires a certain level of balance and stretching but the most important part would be the locking of your shoulder with the opposed knee before fully twisting your upper body and lifting your back leg.

Benefits of the Revolved Side Angle Pose:

  • Stretches your entire spine, legs and arms.
  • Improves your balance, digestion and posture.
  • Strengthens your legs.

Step by Step:

  • You can get on Warrior I to get started.
  • Have your knee touch your mat to move your opposed arm on the other side of your foot.
  • You first lock your shoulder over the knee.
  • Extend you hand and reach out all over the top of the head.
  • The last move would be to lift the back of of your leg.
  • Gently try the other side.


  • If you tend to lose your balance you can add support under your heel.
  • You must connect the shoulder with the knee and touch the floor with your hand for support.

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