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Reversing Mace American Kenpo Karate

Reversing Mace

Orange belt has most of the best Kenpo Karate self-defense techniques just because they are effective, easy to learn and you can be entertained by “playing” with all of them in various scenarios.
Reversing Mace is a technique against a left straight punch to the face. Here are the simple steps you need:

  • As the punch comes in, step out with a right inward parry/ inward block depending on the attack.
  • Then use an outward parry to keep the left arm checked.
  • Deliver a right hammer fist to the ribs.
  • Right downward roundhouse kick to the left calf to cancel his height. (some teach to use a downward right tiger claw against the elbow to keep control of the aggressor while they execute the downward roundhouse kick)
  • Step out.

Professors Cliff Seminerio and Juan Serrano explaining and executing Reversing Mace in detail.

WKKA President Joe Palanzo gives an in-depth explanation for the self-defense technique Reversing Mace. Joe Palanzo is a Tenth Degree Black Belt in Kenpo and has operated successful martial arts schools in Baltimore, Maryland, since 1969. He began his martial arts training in 1964 while studying at the Peabody Music Conservatory. He later studied with Grandmaster Ed Parker, founder of American Kenpo, from 1966 to 1990, and achieved the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt (The highest rank Ed Parker awarded in Kenpo). To read more about Joe Palanzo click here: WKKA official Website

You have seen and gone through the traditional Reversing Mace many times, now here is a different approach to this good old favorite where new angles and cancellations are added to the technique. Jeff Speakman actor and kenpoist break down all details on his Reversing Mace 5.0 version. To learn more about Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 techniques click here: Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo Systems

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