Reverse Biceps Curl

Reverse Biceps Curl

Reverse Biceps Curl

This exercise targets the biceps branchii muscle, but it also trains the forearm and shoulders. This is one of the many variations you can do to train your biceps.


  • Always make sure you have a good base; knees are soft, elbows are soft.
  • Never lock out a joint, it’s bad for you, it could injure you.

The Curl Step by Step:

  • Set yourself in a comfortable posture
  • Get your barbell and you’re going to come all the way up.
  • Squeeze.
  • Release all the way back down, controlled.
  • Never swinging, never out of control with it, always in control.
  • Always concentrating on that muscle.

That’s the best way to get the best workout. Now as you’re coming up, working against gravity, really squeeze here to get the most blood into that muscle. Release down, and relax. Breathing and working against gravity, breathe out. Working with gravity, breathe in. Again, from the front, coming up; squeeze. Release back down. And you’ll really start feeling it right in here. Again, that’s the primary focus of this exercise, to work those forearms. Up, and release.

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