How to defend yourself against a Rear Gun Attack

How to defend yourself against a Rear Gun Attack

Gun Attack

We are talking about defense for a pistol coming at you from a threat to your back, from the rear.

Slow. I hear the threat. Naturally, you’re going to turn to look right away. Once you turn to look, you’ve got to get out of the line of the gun. Therefore, a foot come and my body come, hand. Whack his hand, bring his hand to my chest and at the same time there is an elbow towards his face. This hand is held to my chest. It’s held tight because and the end of it there is a firearm. From here I’m going to deliver a knee. One to the end of the hand. What you need to understand is there is a couple of issues here. First of all, for us is the innocent civilians. So this weapon is going to right away be directed towards the ground. This is a problem that a lot of people have because most of them will take the weapon and bring it into here, which will carry it into themselves. One, two. There is the whole issue of a finger in the trigger guard. That means that what I’m going to do over here, I’m going to bend the weapon halfway and now I’m going to push it out and strike him with the barrel towards the face and neck. From here, barrel is always to him, fresh round and I’m going to open up a gap.

A threat, we look, the turn is on the heel. Again and one. Again. If you want, and he’s far, far you can even drag him somewhat. And one. Again, one. From here add a step, a pivot, grab his hand and elbow. Again and one and two. One, two, boom. Again. One, two, boom. Again and the whole thing in one. And one, boom. Grab his neck, knee him in the groin, put your foot down and continue to attack the gun. That means you sliding to the end of his hand, half rotation, pull it out and strike. Again, hand, one, boom. Grab two, slide on the hand, push it out, strike, and you’re away. Thank you.

Put a gun to the back. Let’s start working slow. Remember, he is going to try and move away. You try and stay as close as you can to him. Turn around. Increase speed. Turn around. One more time.

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