Rear Foot Hook Kick

This is a Rear Foot Hook Kick

The Rear Foot Hook Kick is a kick using the rear foot, is slower than a kick executed with the front leg but it has more power. This is a kicking technique used in sparring by many competitors, it is considered a popular kick. On this kick you are required to adjust your fighting stance and align your body.

You add power to your kick by aligning your body and using your hip. It is important to properly warm-up and stretch your entire body to avoid any injuries. If you need to improve your stretching we recommend this article with 18 stretching exercises for martial artists. 

This kick can be found in other Martial Art styles under different names but the technique is the same.

Rear Foot Hook Kick Step by Step:

  • Start with your fighting stance
  • Raise your rear knee and pivot your front foot back.
  • Allow your rear knee to aim the target.
  • Now adjust your hip and leg to perform a hook kick.
  • Bring your leg down keeping your hands up.
  • Step back to your starting position.


  • Always keep your hands up.
  • Use your hips to increase the power and depth when kicking.
  • Always pivot your front leg to adjust your hips and knee to facilitate the execution of the kick.
  • Align you shoulder, hip, knee and ankle when kicking.
  • Improve your stretching because it will help you improve your kicking and help you avoid injuries.
  • Drop your leg after you kick and keep it there because if the attacker comes in right after the kick you can still use that leg to kick from there.

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