Real self defense This is the real thing!

Real Self Defense

Real Self Defense

How would you react to attacks like this? Many of us have been training martial arts for years, and we know that if we don’t do it right the first time then that’s it. It does not matter what martial art style you know, could be karate, kung fu, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu…If a criminal is determined to punch you, kick you or hurt you with a weapon HE will do it! He won’t tell you “ok, here I go”… and if your self-defense technique did not work HE won’t tell you “ok, let me attack you again”…” are you ready now?”…

This is why when you train martial arts you have to give yourself a 100%, some of you train for 1 hour if you do then do your very best for that hour. It could save your life. Now take a look at this video and then see the real attack from the streets.

As you can see in the video you might encounter situations where one attacker is present or two. In some occasions, you might face one and the second one might be watching and could jump to attack you if the first is not successful or might join the first after a minute. So, you don’t have time to think what to do here or there, you need to react fast. Remember you won’t get a second chance to do your technique like in your dojo. 

Or you do your best to do something on time or get knocked out by the criminals. That is why today’s reality is different and you need to be ready for anything. Someone might be watching you, following you and waiting for the best moment to get you. 

Would you be ready for an attack like that? Would you be ready to defend your life in the life of someone you love??