How a fake Kung Fu Master is uncovered on TV

How a fake Kung Fu Master is uncovered on TV

Here is the deal, Fixed brick breaking?

This was on Hawaii News Now – Sunrise. The host Steve Uyehara had the visit of this Kung Fu Master doing a Brick demo…take a look when the Host just touches one of the bricks and automatically they break on the spot ! Well, this is simple those bricks were fixed, so no super concentration of power was really needed!

Watch the video and witness how it is easy to spot he was discovered on his plot. Notice the magic touch with the glass to break the brick. He gently grabs the glass to avoid pressing the fixed brick. This is just one brick, the host touched the two bricks you see here. This is a solid proof the “Grand Master” had fixed bricks, he even says “don’t touch them” referring to the other stack of “plaster-concrete bricks”…

What do you think?

Well the video was deleted by the owner and it was also deleted from Hawai News Now Sunrise, but it went viral in less than a week and many black belts and martial arts instructors view it plus all the people from Hawai who were watching live….it was a disappointing experience, because the TV host Steve just touched those “concrete brick” and they broke right away. We are sure that video will be uploaded again and we will embed it again, stay tuned. 

Disclaimer: these are not OUR videos, these are published by their owners, this video was posted by Hawaii news Now Sunrise in Hawai, then it went viral.