Rambo Training Torture Workout

Rambo Training Torture Workout

Rambo Training

This is The Rambo Training Torture Workout for Alpha men, is built with three exercises, the total burpee 180, situp to press and chin up to knee tuck.

Do 30 seconds of each exercise, then rest 90 seconds in the end to do your next set.

1.- The Total Burpee 180: Stand Tall and drop to do a pushup, leap your feet forward and jump 180 degrees and grunt. Now repeat for 30 seconds.

2.-Straight-leg Situp to Press: Lie flat on your back, holding your pair of 10-pound dumbbells in place, do a sit up and then press your dumbbells over your head, grunt and repeat.

3.-Chin up to knee tuck: Here is the last torture set, hang at arm’s length from the pull-up bar. Pull your chest to the bar, pause and then lower. Now that you are hanging bring your knees to your chest as high as you can then lower your knees. You’re done, now do as many as you can in 30 seconds.

Pain is the weakness leaving your body!


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