How to do Raining Claw Self Defense Technique

How to do Raining Claw Self Defense Technique

Raining Claw

Raining Claw found in the orange belt rank is one of those Self Defense Techniques which can be applied in almost any scenario. This technique is against a front right uppercut punch to the stomach, you can do this technique either way against a right or left uppercut punch, let’s go over the steps:

  • As the punch comes in, deliver a right inward block to his forearm. (hammering block)
  • Execute a right downward tiger claw to his fave and then deliver a back knuckle strike to his right side of the face.
  • Cover out


  • Always step back to get distance and be able to control the attacker.
  • You should be almost sideways after the back hammer strike, this will allow you to cover out easily.

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