But if you are looking for sponsorship then PLEASE consider these tips:

  1. Take a look at your social media feeds like facebook, twitter or instagram, if those are not private then:
  2. get rid of those images where you are doing “stupid” things like drinking, smoking, partying, at a club or bar…
  3. Add more pictures of your medalls, trophies, competition, training, at seminars…
  4. Take in consideration that all your posts, messages are available and can be read as some of them are public depending where you post them, so Don’t curse, don’t be RUDE, don’t MAKE FUN of someone else…
  5. Consider your grammar and spelling, there is a free tool on facebook that can correct your spelling…
  6. If you are a female competitor, PLEASE show respect to other females by not posting provocative images where you are “too hot” or with “see through clothing”…it won’t help in Martial arts but it might help you if you are considering Playboy or the adult business.
  7. Compete, compete and compete. One of the guys asking for sponsorship was asking for help to start competing…that’s a big red flag, you need to have experience on the mats, tourneys of all levels at least.
  8. List all your achievements and make them public.
  9. Get your own website, yourname.com and make it look nice , professional and list everything there if you want to be taken into consideration.
  10. Be polite, respectful and show it everywhere. Potential Sponsors consider good role models who train hard and compete to win.
  11. On social media there are no restrictions and people of all ages can easily see what you do. So be a professional.

When you ask for sponsorship you also need to be specific on that. You need gear, travel expenses, money, recognition, discounts??? you need to be direct and know that before you ask.

Consider you will be ask how often you train, your competition results, your ranks in martial arts

It is not just wearing gear here and there, a sponsor will expect you to compete and get good results because you become the image of the company somehow and need to have the right character.

Lastly vocabulary, keep the “bad words” to yourself, potential sponsors are everywhere, they use social media just like you, but no one likes bad manners or bad words.

To get sponsored become that role model everyone is looking for, the competitor that wins, the one who trains hard, the one that is humble and polite.

Remember to do your research on open sponsorship options on the companies and brands you see on your field, don’t ask people to email you if they know something YOU HAVE TO MOVE and find out where and what is available. Do you think others will find sponsorship for you? No sir, you will be dreaming. Find it yourself, do your homework.

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Peter A Soto is a Black Belt with more than 20 years of experience, athlete, teacher and webmaster. Based in the city of San Diego, California.