Quick Sculpted Shoulders Workout for Sexy Women

Shoulders Workout 4 Women

This quick sculpted shoulders workout will help you get sexy shoulders that look great in sleeveless tops. There are 4 shoulder sculpting exercises in this workout. Together they will help you hit every angle of your shoulders and get a great women’s shoulder workout.

If you want to sculpt sexy shoulders, you need to make sure you’re including exercises that hit each of the muscles in the shoulders. These sculpted shoulders exercises will definitely do that! Plus, this is a shoulder sculpting workout you can do in just a couple of minutes just before you head out the door. This sexy shoulders workout can even make a difference in how your shoulder muscles look on the day that you want to wear a sleeveless top!
Here are the shoulder exercises for women that make up this sexy sculpted shoulders workout. You can do up to 3-5 rounds of these exercises for a total of a 10-minute shoulder workout (including rest time)

  • Side Raises (15 seconds)
  • Front Raises (15 seconds)
  • Shoulder Press (15 seconds)
  • Rear Delt Band Pulls (15 seconds)

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