Push Down Block in Kenpo Karate

Push Down Block in Kenpo Karate

Push Down Block

This is one of the blocks we will find in many self-defense techniques, sets, and forms. This block can be used to create a safe distance as well which can help you create enough space to move around your attacker.

You can use this Push Down Block against a knee, uppercut, and middle strike attack.

“Although referred to as a block it is actually a check and should not be utilized against a powerful leg or knee strikes as a block, as you risk severe wrist injury and the potential for elbow/shoulder damage. It’s a most effective application in the method shown is as an arm, hip, or shoulder check.” Comment by Brye Cooper

Push Down Block Step by Step

  • While training you can execute it from a training horse stance and a neutral stance.
  • Start on a horse stance.
  • Bring your right hand without overextending your arm in front of your belt at a 45-degree angle
  • Your other hand could be in front of your chest or by your ribs
  • Do the same block on the other side


  • Make sure your fingers are together aiming to the side
  • Do not lean forward when blocking
  • Always keep your posture as you block
  • Your other hand should be ready to follow up with a strike, punch, or block

Kenpo Karate Requirements

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