Punch Defense in Kickboxing

All right, guys. Now I’m going to go over defense for kick boxing punches. Okay, face me. First we’re going to start with out blocking, all right? Very basic, when you block a punch simply you’re going to have to keep your knuckles together close, fingers are going to tight and your thumb’s going to be pressed against your forehead.

So Melissa over here’s going to throw a few punches toward my face. Very happily, she will. And I’m going to block just basic straight punches coming towards me. Ready and one-two. Every time this happens I’m staying tight, nice and relaxed, one-two. Okay, keeping my chin down, making sure I can see everything, one-two. Not panicking, breathing out, staying relaxed.

Okay, now against a hook, a punch that’s coming to the side, this is going to be a little bit more of a shoulder girdle coming up, okay? So now do a one-two and then a hook. Go, one-two and sliding up. I’m sliding this up. I am not taking my elbow upwards. I’m taking my shoulder girdle straight up. If I do this eventually later on, she would come up hook here or kick over here. I do not want that, okay? One more time, one-two hook. And again, good. Got to bring my shoulder up to block those.

Now we’re going to go over to more basic defense. So this is going to be called a slip back. So do a jab nice and slow, I’m going to be slipping back. Now some people like to drop their hand. I personally– a punch– I like to keep my hand up. Now with the slip back, it’s fairly simple. I’m bringing all my weight to my rear leg.

I’m turning my shoulder in just a little bit and lift them up, just in case he steps in, all right? It’s not landing. Okay, let me keep my hand up or my shoulder, depends what you feel more comfortable with, but the main thing here is I’m leaning back. I’m turning in towards my leg a little bit and later on I could come back with a good strong punch. So nice and easy, go. Go and jab. Good, do a two as well. Good again, one-two. And again, one-two. Okay, all right?

Now guys, you’re going to move on to something that’s called parrying. Hands up, so she’s going to slowly throw a jab. Slow, stay right here. Parrying’s pretty much a slap. All I’m really doing is just slapping her hand towards her body. I’m not doing this, I’m not opening her up. So now her momentum with her right hand is coming through, no. I’m closing her off, okay?

Throw the right hand, closing her off. Now at the same time– extend your left again– I’m moving my head away from the punch. You don’t want to parry and move your head towards the punch. It doesn’t make any sense, okay? Nice and easy throw a one-two. Again and again. Okay, so it’s very short. We’re not dropping hands. We’re not exaggerating. We’re not reaching.

Letting the hand come close to you and letting them move forward and then later on you’re taking advantage of it. So real small across the face, move your head away. Real small across the face, move your head away, and right back to your stance or continue on punching. And that’s how you defend against kick boxing punches.

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Peter A Soto is a Black Belt with more than 20 years of experience, athlete, teacher and webmaster. Based in the city of San Diego, California.