Pop Squats exercise

Pop Squats exercise
Pop Squats exercise

Pop Squats Exercise

Pop squats are a dynamic plyometric exercise that combines a squat with a jumping motion. Starting from a wide stance with toes pointed slightly outward, you squat down, then explosively jump up, bringing your feet together mid-air. You land softly on your toes and immediately jump back out into the starting position, completing one repetition.

This exercise targets the lower body muscles, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, while also providing cardiovascular benefits and improving agility and coordination.

Pop Squats exercise
Pop Squats exercise

Pop Squats Exercise Step by Step

  1. Starting Position:
    • Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes slightly pointed out, and knees slightly bent.
    • Rest your hands on your hips to help maintain balance.
    • Keep your neck in a neutral position and maintain a straight back to prevent strain.
  2. Execution:
    • Lower yourself into a squat position by pushing your hips and butt backward.
    • Continue descending until your upper thighs are parallel or just below parallel to the floor.
    • Inhale as you lower yourself into the squat position to engage your core and stabilize your body.
  3. Jump Phase:
    • Push through your heels to generate enough power to jump upwards.
    • As you jump, bring both feet inward towards each other in a quick, fluid motion.
    • Land softly on your toes with your feet a few inches apart to absorb the impact.
  4. Return to Starting Position:
    • Immediately after landing, propel yourself upwards again by pushing through your toes and jumping.
    • Extend your legs fully as you jump to return to the starting position.
  5. Repetitions:
    • Repeat the entire movement for the recommended number of repetitions, maintaining a controlled and fluid motion throughout.

Squats to Shape Your Glutes

Pop Squats Exercise Benefits

  • Cardiovascular Conditioning: Pop squats are a high-intensity exercise that elevates your heart rate, improving cardiovascular health.
  • Lower Body Muscular Endurance: This exercise targets the muscles of the lower body, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, helping to improve endurance in these muscle groups.
  • Improved Agility and Coordination: The quick, explosive movements required in pop squats help to enhance agility and coordination, which can benefit athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.
  • Calorie Burning for Weight Loss: Pop squats are a dynamic, full-body exercise that burns a significant number of calories, making them effective for weight loss and fat burning.
  • Enhanced Explosiveness and Power: By repeatedly generating power to jump upwards, pop squats help to improve explosiveness and power in the legs, which can translate to improved athletic performance in sports that require quick, powerful movements.

Pop Squats Exercise Benefits

Muscles Worked:

  • Quadriceps: The main muscles targeted during pop squats are the quadriceps, which are responsible for extending the knee.
  • Hamstrings: The hamstrings are also engaged to a lesser extent to assist in the squatting and jumping motions.
  • Glutes: The glutes are engaged to help stabilize the hips and provide power for the jumping motion.
  • Calves: The calves are activated during the jumping phase of the exercise to help propel the body upwards.
  • Core: The core muscles are engaged throughout the exercise to stabilize the body and maintain proper form.
  • Hip Flexors: The hip flexors are engaged to lift the legs during the jumping phase of the exercise.

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