How to Do a Pike on a Swiss Ball Abs Workout


Woman: So we’re gonna demonstrate how to do a pike on a Swiss ball. This is a very advanced move. I wouldn’t recommend anyone starting out with strength training, anyone who’s not familiar with how to do this kind of stuff, definitely work your way up from here, to here, doing planks and side planks.

Advance yourself doing two point planks, and then you could try it out. I would recommend a Swiss ball about this height, because you don’t want to be that high off the ground. You want your hips to kind of stay level with your upper shoulders. So, you’re gonna start out with the ball behind you. You’re gonna get into a plank position on your hands. So, we do want our toes pointing down on the ball, okay? So you’re gonna lift your hips up, point those toes. Now, this might be enough for you. If you’re not familiar with how to do a plank and this is enough for you, then hold this position. Thirty, forty five seconds, do a few reps, do a few rounds, and that’s your ab exercise.

The pike, though, is your hips coming up into full extension, your head’s coming down, I’m looking at my thighs, and then you’re leveling out. Again, hips are coming up, my knees are locked. There’s no bend in my knees, and then I’m coming back to a flat back. Again, up. Back to a flat back. Again, a pretty advanced move, I wouldn’t recommend anyone starting out giving it a shot. Definitely if you want to give it a shot, I think the plank with your feet on the ball is a great way to kind of test the waters, because it is stability, it is strength, and it’s definitely a lot of core. And that’s how you do a pike on a Swiss ball.

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