How to Pick the Right Gear


As far as choosing the right gear for you, obviously, you want something that’s not gonna be too big and bulky. If you’re wearing a vest or camouflage, you want it to be properly fitting. Not too loose hanging off of you, so you don’t snag any twigs or branches. That could be detrimental to your gear. And it could also help the enemies with your position. You also want gear that will fit the game that you’re playing. If you’re doing a CQB battle, you obviously don’t want a long range rifle to use, and vice versa. As far as some of the gear that you carry, you want to make sure you have plenty of ammo, you have a lot of spare magazines, extra bbs, a battery, and anything else you think you might need out on the field. For the camouflage, you don’t want something that’s not gonna blend in with your environment. If you’re in the woods, you want a woodland type environment.