How to Pick Front or Back Leg Attacks

Back Leg Attacks

Front or Back Leg Attacks

We’re going to be talking about using our front leg and the back leg attack. Why do we use the front leg, and why do we use the back leg? The front leg sometimes might be a little faster, because it’s closer to your opponent. The back leg might be a little further back, but it might be stronger, because there’s a momentum and a force to bring up that kick which causes greater impact. It’s a little bit of a trade-off sometimes. If it’s a roundhouse kick, the front leg might be a little faster, but if it’s your back leg, it might be a little stronger. It all depends on the person.

Some people, again, like to throw a front leg to counter your opponent, depending on the situation. Plus, they like to throw with a certain leg, which one they are comfortable with. They might be a righty, lefty. If they’re a lefty, they might bring their left leg forward. If they’re a righty, they might bring their right leg forward if they attack with the front leg. Why do they do this? It could be the speed and the distance situation. That’s way in Taekwondo sparring or Taekwondo self-defense technique we use our front leg and also our back leg.

Taekwondo Techniques

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