How to Do a Perfect Side Plank

How to Do a Perfect Side Plank

Side Plank

Number one your elbow has to be completely under your shoulder. You want to make sure your alignment is always intact.

Your elbow should be right under your shoulder. Okay you’re keeping your arms flat like this, your hand flat like this. Now, for a beginner you can keep your knees on the ground, you can stack your legs like so and you’re going to lift from your hips. You can either keep your hand on your hip like this, or you can raise your arm up to the sky. Now, this can be challenging for a lot of people, this alone. You want to make sure you squeezing from your glutes. You want to make sure that hips are going up to the sky as much as you can, as if somebody had a string around your hips and they were pulling you up. Now, you’re going to hold this for 30 seconds or one minute. If you find that to be too easy you can go into a normal side plank. Couple of ways you can do this.