How to Pass Your Motorcycle Test

Passing your motorcycle test is really a two part process; the first part is getting your learner’s permit, which is done by passing a written part of your test. Just like any other test in school, or talking your driver’s license test, just get the booklet, study the material, know it and go in and take the written part of the test.

Once you’ve done that you’ve got your learners permit, then you can set yourself up for the riding portion of the test. One way to go is to enroll in a CHP course which will both teach you the skills you need to ride a motorcycle through a interactive learning thing where they provide the motorcycles and you can ride them and you automatically pass the test at the end assuming you pass the course. If you decide to just go the, go and do the riding part of the test at the DMV, they set up where you have to weave through some cones and then complete a circle in both directions, in which case you can go to the DMV and practice in the parking lot when they’re closed.

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