Outward Hand Sword in Kenpo Karate

Outward Hand Sword

Outward Hand Sword

The accompanying visual captures the flawless demonstration of an Outward Hand sword attack targeting the neck, skillfully performed by GM Larry Tatum. This photograph was taken in Santiago, Chile.

This particular strike is frequently incorporated in numerous self-defense techniques, Kenpo sets, and forms.

Outward Hand Sword in Kenpo Karate

Outward Hand Sword recommendations

Below are some essential and detailed recommendations to consider:

  • The technique at hand bears resemblance to the Japanese technique known as Shuto Uchi, yet it distinguishes itself through its unique execution. In Traditional Karate, this technique involves keeping the other hand in a chamber position.
  • In Kenpo, it is crucial to note that this technique is never executed in isolation, as the other hand remains prepared for a subsequent action. This emphasizes the importance of maintaining readiness for a follow-up maneuver.
  • During the execution of this technique, it is vital to keep your fingers together. This ensures optimal transfer of power upon impact, maximizing the effectiveness of the strike.
  • It is worth highlighting that this technique serves both a defensive and offensive purpose, enabling practitioners to effectively counter and attack their opponents.

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