Krav Maga Outside Defense against Punches

Krav Maga Outside Defense against Punches

Outside Defense

Outside the line of fire, I’m going to come by doing this. I’m just going to shift my body a little bit towards his live side. Since my hands are down below, the easiest way for the punch is just to bring the hand straight up. Again. Past my face. It’s important to know the form of the lower part of my forearm and not the higher part of my forearm. If I do, I’m much weaker. The lower part carries a lot more strength.

Because I’m moving to the live side of my opponent, it is crucial that I’m going to strike him at the same time. It’s not a block and a strike. I need to strike him immediately. To do so, I don’t even rotate my shoulder because that rotation will consume time. I’m in the live side. I’ll grab him, bring him into a knee to the groin and make a separation.

We’re doing an outside block for a right punch to the face. We’re starting from a low basic stand, not a regular basic stand, and here’s the block.

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