One Leg Stance

One Leg Stance in Kenpo Karate

One leg stance is considered useless by some, but we can find it in forms and also in self defense techniques such as “Leaping Crane” where we move to the left side to prepare a side kick to the knee.
If we analyze this stance we can see that the leg is ready to attack, similar to a loaded weapon.

  • In a self-defense technique it is a transient adjustment movement, to cancel the attacker’s height as in “Leaping Crane”.

There is a doubt among the Kenpo Karate community, One Leg Stance should not be labeled as a stance but as a movement, perhaps “Backup Mass”, having one leg in the air is not stable unless your are on the attackers obscure zone.

  • We can consider “One Leg Stance” as an evasive move, getting your leg our of the way just like when you are hopping, skipping to help you adjust to your next move.

We can find it in form 4 and 5, where it gives more beauty to the form.

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