Oi Zuki – Stepping Punch

Oi Zuki

Oi Zuki

A technique you will find in many Katas.This is the punch you execute when you step forward and use your leading hand to deliver a punch. If you step forward with a right Zentukso Dachi and a right Zuki then you are doing Oi Zuki.

It’s a very strong punch because you align your entire body to transfer your body weight on single punch.

The target area would be the middle section but can also be applied to the face.

Oi Zuki Step by Step

  • Start on a left ZenkutsoDachi with a left Gedan Barai.
  • Get your right foot next to your Left foot  and get both of your hands to your hip.
  • Step forward into a right Zenkutso Dachi and at the same time deliver a punch to the middle section.


  • Work on your Zenkutso Dachi
  • Your feet must meet in the center when moving forward
  • Keep your back straight when executing your punch

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