How to do Obscure Wing Self Defense Technique

How to do Obscure Wing Self Defense Technique

Obscure Wing

Obscure wing refers to a self-defense technique in your obscure right zone, you can’t see your opponent but as soon as you feel that left grab on your right shoulder from behind then you need to take action. Here are the steps to master this complete sequence:

  • As you feel the grab on your shoulder use your left hand to secure the hand grabbing you.
  • Depending on how close is your opponent you might need to adjust to execute a right elbow strike to the stomach.
  • Keeping the elbow in the stomach using the same arm to execute a back hammer fist to the groin.
  • Without moving use the same momentum to do execute an elbow strike to the chin.
  • Step out and cover-up.

Note: make sure your left hand is always checking.  The elbow strike, back hammer fist, and last elbow strike need to be delivered all in one motion.

Here is GM Flores demonstrating Obscure wing. There might be a few details you don’t have on your current system but the principle and strikes are all the same. Remember the technique has adapted to each one of us.


  • Check and the hand on your shoulder, if you don’t it might become a punch.
  • Drop your height with the elbow strike, it will add more power to the strike.

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