How to Do No-Arm Brabo or D’Arce Choke

No-Arm Bravo or D'Arce Choke in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

No-Arm Brabo Choke

All right, guys. We talked about the Brabo from side control, half guard, and scarf. Now we’re going to talk about a real tricky move, the no-arm Brabo, and how we set it up when we maybe can’t reach the Brabo. Okay. So we’re going to start out from side control, but very often I do this from half guard. Okay. It’s very similar to the ninja choke, but the position is a little different in that we’re on top instead of the bottom. Okay. So I’m in side control. Chad comes up with his arm. Okay. Now the Brabo’s this way. The no-arm Brabo, I will shoot underneath his head without the arm, no-arm Brabo. Right. One, two, adjust, finish. That’s the no-arm Brabo.

Okay. But if I just shoot in like this, and I take my time, he’s going to get out. And he just comes up and takes my back. Okay. So that’s not very good. All right. So how do we set it up? Okay. All right. I’m coming in for the Brabo, and I want to get all that, but I can’t reach. He’s arching. He’s arching. So I shift this hand in, and I start doing the guillotine. Okay. You see how I did that? I went from here. It’s like this, and this is why I do this grip. And I shift to a guillotine. Now immediately Chad is going to protect his neck from the guillotine. Okay. So I’m going here. I’m here. I’m trying to grind his head in, and he doesn’t want any part of it. And his arm is still here. See, I haven’t cleared it. If I clear it, I have the regular Brabo. So, boom. Now Chad’s arms are going to come here, and when his arms are engaged protecting himself, I slide in here. Watch this. One, he defends. Two, he defends. I grab the chin. Take my back, Chad. Take my back. See, I’m grabbing the chin. He can’t move. Adjust. Bite.

Off the guillotine, this hand grabs his chin. Brabo, guillotine, grab the chin. No-arm Brabo. And we can do that from side control or half guard. Brabo, guillotine. Take my back, Chad. He can’t. There’s the time to get the no-arm Brabo. All right. If he rolls here, that’s a ninja choke. Okay. Underneath. I have to bring my leg over. That’s the no-arm Brabo. I hit it all the time. It’s a great move.

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