Nihon Nukite

Nihon Nukite – Two Finger Strike

Nihon Nukite

Nihon Nukite is a two-finger strike to the eyes. This strike is used in Self Defense only, not in Kumite. If the attacker cannot see you he cannot attack you, this is a very simple principle.

This strike can only be executed at close range in front of the attacker, if you are not in front of the attacker then you can use Ippon Nukite which is a single finger strike. This is a straight attack, not a circular one.

The position of the fingers of the hand is very important to avoid injuries, in this case only the 2 main fingers are the ones that impact, while the other three fingers are together to support the hand. The bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments of the hand are very small, that is why it is necessary that the position of the hand is correct.

Useful uses for Nihon Nukite:

  • You are against the wall and the attacker is too close.
  • You are on the ground and the attacker is on top of you.
  • The attacker is grabbing your shirt and pulling you in.
  • The attacker has both of his hands on your neck and is choking you.

Nihon Nukite Step by Step

For training purposes, you can be on a Kiba Dachi and execute the strike just like a punch.

In Self Defense:

  • Depending on the attack and how close the attacker is how you would use this strike.
  • Always from the outside over the arms and straight to the eyes. You have to move your arm over his arm. It is better this way because if you try from the inside the attacker might stop your move.

Nihon Nukite is a pressing technique and it has variants depending on the angle you are. For example, if you are not in front of your attacker diagonally, then you cannot use the two fingers on both eyes, but you use them on one.

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