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I had the opportunity to learn Muay Thai when I was 14 years old in Connecticut, my dad introduced me his friend from Philippines who had been training Muay Thai since he was 3 years old. The man was a rock, he was not that all, but he was hard like a rock, you could punch him, kick him and not move him at all. I learnt the basics with him, then years later I learnt more from different instructors because I was travelling very often.

Muay Thai Punches

  • Hook Punch Catches Tutorial

  • Jab
  • Straight Punch
  • Swing
  • Uppercut
  • Hook

Muay Thai Elbows

  • Sok Ti (Striking Elbow)
  • Sok Tad (Perpendicular Elbow)
  • Sok Hud (Levering Elbow)
  • Sok Chieng (Diagonal Elbow)
  • Sok Sab (Chopping Elbow)
  • Sok Tong (Smash Downward Elbow)
  • Sok Ku (Double Elbows)
  • Sok Klab (Reverse Elbow)
  • Elbow Counters to Boxing Tutorial

  • Muay Thai Working Elbows from the Clinch Tutorial

Muay Thai Knees

  • Using Knees to Counter Boxing

  • Kao Tone (Straight knee)
  • Kao Dode – The Flying Knee
  • Kao Nui (Small knee)
  • Kao Kratai (Rabbit knee)
  • Kao La (Farewell knee)
  • Kao Lod (Lower knee)
  • Kao Loi (Flying knee)

Muay Thai Kicks

  • Muay Thai Leg Kick set up
  • Tae Tad (Side Kick or Round Kick)
  • Tae Chiang (Diagonal Kick)
  • Tae Kod (Hook kick or Down round kick)
  • Head Kick Avoidance and Counters

  • Tae Pub Nok (Kick to the outside of the knee joint)
  • Muay Thai Feints off the Rear leg Tutorial

  • Tae Pub Nai (Kick to the inside of the knee joint)
  • Muay Thai Shin Block application

Muay Thai Strategies & Training

  • Muay Thai Closing the Distance
  • Muay Thai Advanced Flow Sparring
  • Muay Thai Conditioning Drills
  • Escaping the Strong Clinch Tutorial
  • Countering Roundhouse Kicks Tutorial
  • Muay Thai Front kick Counter
  • Attacking the Legs

Mae Mai Muay Thai

Mae Mai 1

  • Salab Fan Pla (Cross-switch)
  • Paksa Waeg Rang (Bird peeping through the nest)
  • Chawa Sad Hok (Chawa throws spear)
  • Inao Thang Grit (I Nao stabs his Grit)
  • Yo Khao Prasumaru (Lifting the Sumer Mountain)
  • Ta Then Kham Fak (Old man holding the melon)
  • Mon Yan Lak (Mon supports the pillar)

Mae Mai 2

  • Pak Look Thoy (Impaling the stake)
  • Dab Chawala (Extinguish the lamps)
  • Jarakhe Fad Hang (Crocodile sweeps its tail)
  • Hak Nguang Aiyara (Break the elephant’s tusks)
  • Naka Bid Hang (Serpent twists its tail)
  • Viroon Hok Glab (Bird somersaults)
  • Khuanyak Jab Ling (The giant catches the monkey)
  • Hak Kor Erawan (Break the elephant’s neck)

Look Mai Muay Thai (Complimentary Tricks)

  • Erawan Suey Nga (Elephant thrusting its tusks)
  • Batha Loob Pak (Foot touches face)
  • Khun Yak Pa Nang (Giant steals the girl)
  • Prarama Nao Sorn (Rama pulls the arrow string)
  • Graisorn Kham Huai (Tiger descends into the stream)
  • Kwang Liew Lang (Deer looks back)
  • Hiran Muan Pan Din (Mountain overturns earth)
  • Nak Mood Badan (Serpent sneaks to the ocean kingdom)
  • Hanuman Thawai Waen (Hanuman the monkey king presents the ring)Muay Thai Techniques Look Mai 2
  • Yuan Thod Hae (Vietnamese casts a fishing net)
  • Thayae Kham Sao
  • Hong Peek Hak (Swan with broken wings)
  • Sak Phuang Malai (Threading the flower garland)
  • Then Kwad Lan (Monk follower sweeps the floor)
  • Fan Look Buab (Slicing the cucumber)

Other Muay Thai Related

  • The Muay Thai Prank


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