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I had the opportunity to learn Muay Thai when I was 14 years old in Connecticut, my dad introduced me to his friend from the Philippines who had been training in Muay Thai since he was 3 years old. The man was a rock, he was not that all, but he was hard like a rock, you could punch him, kick him and not move him at all. I learned the basics with him, then years later I learned more from different instructors because I was traveling very often.

Is Muay Thai the same as kickboxing?

Kickboxing uses punches and kicks only, Muay Thai utilizes punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Muay Thai is a combat sport from Thailand, its training is very difficult, Muay Thai competitions can be strong since each opponent is going to hit hard in order to finish his opponent.

Is Muay Thai good for self-defense?

It is very effective for personal defense, it is one of the martial arts that has proved many times. It is a martial art that attracts crowds, is suitable for children, youth and adults. It is very good for women since it trains them strongly developing their skills to hit and kick in many ways.

Does Muay Thai have belts?

There are no belts In Muay Thai, you will not find black belts or degrees as in traditional martial arts. In Thailand, practitioners enter training camps where they hope to become great fighters. In the West, Muay Thai has many followers, but do not expect that you will give exams to obtain a degree, it is not like that. If you find any school that offers you degrees then it is not Muay Thai.

What do I need to train in Muay Thai?

It is recommended that before entering to train and learn Muay Thai investigate where you can start your training, investigate who makes classes, and how much time you have training and teaching.
You will need equipment to train, boxing gloves to protect your hands, hand wraps to protect your knuckles, you will need groin protection, shinguards, headgear, and a mouthpiece. A pair of shorts for you to be comfortable, and also a rash guard is recommended.

Muay Thai Punches

Muay Thai Elbows

  • Sok Ti (Striking Elbow)
  • Sok Tad (Perpendicular Elbow)
  • Sok Hud (Levering Elbow)
  • Sok Chieng (Diagonal Elbow)
  • Sok Sab (Chopping Elbow)
  • Sok Tong (Smash Downward Elbow)
  • Sok Ku (Double Elbows)
  • Sok Klab (Reverse Elbow)
  • Elbow Counters to Boxing Tutorial
  • Muay Thai Working Elbows from the Clinch Tutorial

Muay Thai Knees

  • Using Knees to Counter Boxing
  • Kao Tone (Straight knee)
  • Kao Dode – The Flying Knee
  • Kao Nui (Small knee)
  • Kao Kratai (Rabbit knee)
  • Kao La (Farewell knee)
  • Kao Lod (Lower knee)
  • Kao Loi (Flying knee)

Muay Thai Kicks

  • Muay Thai Leg Kick setup
  • Tae Tad (Side Kick or Round Kick)
  • Tae Chiang (Diagonal Kick)
  • Tae Kod (Hook kick or Down round kick)
  • Head Kick Avoidance and Counters
  • Tae Pub Nok (Kick to the outside of the knee joint)
  • Muay Thai Feints off the Rear leg Tutorial
  • Tae Pub Nai (Kick to the inside of the knee joint)
  • Muay Thai Shin Block application

Muay Thai Strategies & Training

Mae Mai Muay Thai

Mae Mai 1

  • Salab Fan Pla (Cross-switch)
  • Paksa Waeg Rang (Bird peeping through the nest)
  • Chawa Sad Hok (Chawa throws spear)
  • Inao Thang Grit (I Nao stabs his Grit)
  • Yo Khao Prasumaru (Lifting the Sumer Mountain)
  • Ta Then Kham Fak (Old man holding the melon)
  • Mon Yan Lak (Mon supports the pillar)

Mae Mai 2

  • Pak Look Thoy (Impaling the stake)
  • Dab Chawala (Extinguish the lamps)
  • Jarakhe Fad Hang (Crocodile sweeps its tail)
  • Hak Nguang Aiyara (Break the elephant’s tusks)
  • Naka Bid Hang (Serpent twists its tail)
  • Viroon Hok Glab (Bird somersaults)
  • Khuanyak Jab Ling (The giant catches the monkey)
  • Hak Kor Erawan (Break the elephant’s neck)

Look Mai Muay Thai (Complimentary Tricks)

  • Erawan Suey Nga (Elephant thrusting its tusks)
  • Batha Loob Pak (Foot touches face)
  • Khun Yak Pa Nang (Giant steals the girl)
  • Prarama Nao Sorn (Rama pulls the arrow string)
  • Graisorn Kham Huai (Tiger descends into the stream)
  • Kwang Liew Lang (Deer looks back)
  • Hiran Muan Pan Din (Mountain overturns earth)
  • Nak Mood Badan (Serpent sneaks to the ocean kingdom)
  • Hanuman Thawai Waen (Hanuman the monkey king presents the ring)Muay Thai Techniques Look Mai 2
  • Yuan Thod Hae (Vietnamese casts a fishing net)
  • Thayae Kham Sao
  • Hong Peek Hak (Swan with broken wings)
  • Sak Phuang Malai (Threading the flower garland)
  • Then Kwad Lan (Monk follower sweeps the floor)
  • Fan Look Buab (Slicing the cucumber)

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