How to Work Elbows from the Clinch

How to Work Elbows from the Clinch

Elbows from the Clinch

Muay Thai is a strong Martial Art, there are no forms, no weapons, no self-defense techniques at all…It’s all about the ability to fight better than your opponent. Muay Thai training is hard, you don’t just learn to kick and punch but you also train to receive, you learn to take a punch or kick and keep going. A real Muay Thai Fighter keeps going no matter what you throw at them, they just keep going and going until one or the other wins the fight with a KO.

In a long distance fight in Muay Thai, you will see front kicks, roundhouse kicks, leg kicks, back spinning kicks and all kinds of punches. But in a short distance, the game changes because you have knees to the body and elbows to the head and face. You mostly see these from the Clinch, which is a close range fight. This video will give you several options to work from the Clinch using your elbows.

I would like to encourage you to share this video with your friend who trains with you, remember to share what you learn with your team. Test it out when you work out and if you have observations then share them with us.

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