Learn how to attack the legs in Muay Thai

Learn how to attack the legs in Muay Thai

Muay Thai Tutorial Attacking the Legs

Leg kicks in Muay Thai and in Mixed Martial Arts are common and very effective if you have the proper technique and timing. There are several kinds of Leg kicks, to name a few:

  • Leg kick to the calf – the target would be in the middle of the thigh muscle to disable the ability to walk or even use the leg. You can also use this kick as a sweep.
  • Downward Leg kick to the calf – this would be an ultimate punishment for the calf, you can break the shin with this kick if you apply leg power, your hip, and body weight.
  • Horizontal Kick to the thigh – this is a common kick and is mostly used in a combination, there is usually another strike following up this kick.
  • Ascending Kick to the thigh – this kick goes from where the muscle beings all the way up to the hip, it causes a lot of pain and can stop the fight right away. The next day the fighter gets to see his leg totally read from the top to the bottom, very painful.
  • Descending Kick to the thigh – this kick has the same effect as the previous one. Some experienced fighters do an inverted roundhouse kick to the face and then go down from there to hit the thigh.

Here you have more insights on leg kicks you can use and apply in your training.

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