Muay Thai Shin Block application

The Shin Block

The shin block in Taekwondo & Muay Thai

These two martial arts are very different, but they share kicks, punches, strikes, and blocks. Learning how to use your shin in sparring has several advantages because it can stop an aggressive fighter right away but doing it wrong can have your leg broken. Pay attention to these tips and nurture them with the following videos.

Shin Block tips

Keep your hands up, cover up, one common mistake is to block and drop your hands opening your middle section and face, no matter what keep your hands up.

  • Don’t lift your knee too high, it has to be high enough to block only, if it’s too high you’ll lose your balance or you’ll be easy to sweep.
  • Don’t just block, you have to counter right away. Right after you block do something because he’s got all high weight on 1 leg.
  • The impact zone should be below the knee because it has support, many get really hurt and even get a broken shin when they block using the lower part of your shin, don’t make this mistake.
  • Move around, don’t let him settle down because if you let him do that he will feel free to punish you, the best way to block with your shin is NOT USING IT, so move around and be unpredictable.

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