How to set up a Leg Kick in Muay Thai

How to set up a Leg Kick in Muay Thai

Setting up the Leg Kick

Muay Thai leg kick or also known as Low Kick sometimes is not easy to throw, you need timing and be aware of the attacks you might receive to your head. There are several counters you can use to deliver a successful Low Kick, pay attention to these tips and test them in the ring:

  • Train the intensity of your Low Kicks, do several technique repetitions
  • Make sure you keep your hands up every time you kick
  • Don’t just throw the Low kick like that, have set of techniques with it, maybe 2 punches and then the Low Kick.
  • Be ready to receive, if you deliver a Leg Kick then get ready to be attacked on your face
  • Try a combination with two Leg Kicks, the first one on the weak leg and the second on the other one
  • Kick the calf and try to sweep your opponent

Watch this video for new insights you can use and apply in the ring. Don’t forget to stretch and work on hardening your shins.

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